Happy New Year to all my readers!

I hope all you had a fantastic 2015 and here’s to a successful 2016 for all! Christmas at the Fleetwood’s was the usual fun and games with the exciting addition of flying reindeer dachshund and sleigh that we snapped up from last years Peter Alexander window display. I thought it could stay up all year-round but I’m having trouble convincing Anthony!

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Last year started with a little excitement as I’d had some interest in my children’s fantasy at Literary Speed Dating from a couple of Aussie publishers, but with the passing of months and months I’m guessing that no body wanted it? Who knows, since it seems to be a rare thing for publisher to actually get back to you. When I do get a rejection I’m really thankful for the editors time. It seems to be the general rule of thumb that if a publisher likes it they’ll contact you, if they don’t, well then just look forward to months and months of a whole lot of silence. And it’s not golden. After 3 months you shrug your shoulders and move on. So I shelved the story for a bit, which ended up being all year while I started in writing new genres and new styles and… wow that’s been fun! After pottering along with a children’s fantasy for years it was good to try out some new ideas and it’s been wonderful. I’ve discovered my brain  literally has endless ideas – I just don’t have enough time to write them all down!

The year coming up is an exciting one, it’s my 20th wedding anniversary so I’m off to Phuket to celebrate, Sam’s (my son) 18th (I can’t believe I will have an adult child. Feeling old!) and more time spent my hubby who has cut back on work a bit. I’ve also working on a big writing project that I’ll be blogging some exciting news about shortly. Exciting times ahead!

Lisa :-)


Here’s my Blog Roll from 2015 in case you missed anything! Thanks Angela Long for your contribution of book reviews! 

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