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Jamie Reign

Summary: Jamie Reign can’t read a word, but he can handle a tugboat better than most. All his life he’s dreamed of becoming a kung fu expert, like the legendary Master Wu. But that sort of kung fu, the sort that draws on the ancient and mystical force called the Way, is only for the Chinese boys & Jamie isn’t Chinese enough for that. While diving on an uncharted reef, Jamie discovers a terrible force that exposes his connection to ancient warriors and the warlord intent on destroying them all. He must learn kung fu and the secret skills of the Warriors of the Way. Jamie’s past and the future of these ancient warriors are inexplicably linked. And as the two collide, Jamie and his new friends set off on a desperate mission to save them all.

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Don’t forget to enter to win signed copies of Jamie Reign: The Last Spirit Warrior & the sequel Jamie Reign: The Hidden Dragon.

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