I’ve just come across The Koala Awards (Kids Own Australian Literature Awards). Their main goal: ‘KOALA seeks to provide children a voice within the general Australian children’s book industry.’ How good is that? The winners are announced on Thursday, 3rd November, 2016 at Blackheath Public School, NSW. Good luck to all those nominated!

KOALA is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers (teacher/librarians, public librarians, teachers, publishers and other supporters of children’s literature). Every year, young readers from all over New South Wales judge their very own literary awards. By voting in the KOALA awards they can reward the Australian children’s books that have most inspired, amused, terrified, enlightened and engaged them.

“Of all the awards, the ones that kids choose themselves always mean the most. But they are also a great way to show kids that what THEY love is important.” Jackie French

Koala Awards 2016 shortlist 

For all those people out there looking for a great read for their children.

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