Signed copies of the first print run of my award winning travel memoir, Destination Dachshund: Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds, are available for Australian residents only for only $10.00 plus $8.00 postage. ($18.00)
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Reviews for Destination Dachshund:

“A likable author makes for a likable, dog-centric travel book.” – Kirkus Review

“Fleetwood’s resulting chronicle of a multigenerational family trip—88 days, 15 countries, and 60 dachshund spottings—has an invitingly chatty tone that makes one feel like one is traveling with her.” – Kirkus Review

“What a wonderfully captivating read! Destination Dachshund is a humorous, yet moving memoir…there are moments that tugged at the heartstrings as well as a whole load of hilarious anecdotes, a bit of history and of course, the dachshund spotting!“ Melissa, Sydney

“This was a fabulous read with so much to enjoy – a travel journal with real heart. But this story was about so much more than just the travel… this book was about family (the human and furry kind!) with reflections on love, life and loss, all deftly interwoven into the narrative.” Helen, Sydney

“A truly engaging read that is so much more than a travel memoir. While the Fleetwood’s travel through Europe, they must also navigate their own grief. Destination Dachshund is a remarkable book – filled with honesty and humour, and the sights, smells and sounds of amazing locations.“ Sharyn, Blue Mountains

“Destination Dachshund is truly a delightful read. The author unpacks with warmth and humour the intricacies of family relationships, our love of pets, and the joy of travel.” Vanessa, Sydney

“I found this to be an absolutely delightful book, not just about travel and dogs…but also about the strong bonds of family, and about love, loss, grief and hope. It also packs in plenty of humour and wit, which made it a very enjoyable read.“ Amazon Review

“You don’t have to be a Dachshund lover to fall in love with the Fleetwood family, but by the end you too will be noticing those sausage like canines wherever you go.“ Amazon Review