Welcome to the Book Cover Collage Blog Hop!

After listing all the books I have read this year by their cover on my ‘A Year of Books – 2014 Reading‘ page I noticed just how amazing all the book covers are – especially when they are all placed together! What a great artwork it would make.

 I decided to play around with the book covers on PicMonkey and create a beautiful collage of the books I’ve read this year. All covers from Goodreads

 I would love to see your book cover collage of the books you have read so far this year! 

I have nominated a few bloggers to join me on the Book Cover Collage Blog Hop, but if you are visiting my blog – welcome and please join in!  

→ Helen @ High Fantasy Addict , → Louise @ Louise-Allan→,  Robin @ Write or Wrong, →Shelly @ ShellyUnwin, →Rochelle @ Inside My Worlds

Please do a blog post with your own collage and nominate as many people as you would like.♦

Here is my Book Cover Collage! 

Blog Hop

Thanks for stopping by – I cant wait to see everyones collages! 

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104 replies to “Blog Hop – Book Cover Collage”

  1. I love your collage, it looks so good. All the books are so pretty. I’ll give it a try, if I can manage to make one. Give me a few days to try and work it out.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. It was a bit fiddly on PicMonkey as the biggest collage template only had about 20 spots so if you use that program it lets you create more spaces for photos/book covers if you click on your book image and drag it over to the template and let it hover in between two other pictures. You could just place in your favourite covers in a collage if you have read a heap of books! Thanks for checking my collage out!

  2. This is a great idea. So many beautiful covers. I’m a little technology challenged (working on that), but I’m going to give it a try.

    1. Thanks! That’s great!! I’d love to see it – I just downloaded the images from goodreads and then dropped them into PicMonkey collage. To the left of the screen is a collage box and I used ‘Jigsaw’ which only fits 11 books in, but if you drop all of your book covers into spaces and then pick up another and drag it over and hover the picture in between two pictures it will create another space and you can drop it in, and resize the size of boxes. If that’s too fiddly just drop in 11 of your fave covers. Thanks for stopping by my site! Have a great day, Lisa

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