My very good friend, Heidi Farrelly has released her new book: Mortgage Free: How to pay off your mortgage in under 10 years – without becoming a drug dealer. Don’t you just love that title? :-)

It’s chock full of such great ideas of how anyone can reduce their mortgage and become debt free sooner rather than later, and if your dedicated – then in ten years you could be debt free. Heidi and her husband did it and you can to. Just apply some of Heidi’s advice and you’ll save years from your loan.  So grab it now!


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  • Title: Mortgage Free: How to Pay Your Mortgage Off in Ten Years without Becoming a Drug Dealer
  • Author: Heidi Farrelly
  • Category: Non-Fiction
  • Pages: 175 (ebook)
  • Summary: Are you struggling to save a deposit and buy a home? Is your credit score preventing you from getting a mortgage? Would you like to pay off your home sooner and spend your life doing what you love instead of chained to a mortgage? This informative and easy to read book will provide you with all the knowledge you need to do just that and more.It walks you through how to budget and make more money, what and where to buy, how to beat a bad credit score, retirement planning, and all the little things that will help you achieve mortgage freedom sooner.

My Review: The introduction alone to Heidi Farrelly’s MORTGAGE FREE is enough for anyone with a mortgage or thinking about getting a mortgage to buy this book – you’ll want to know more after reading it, and how every dollar extra you place on your mortgage will free you earlier from your debt. This is a great book for the new home buyer and those stuck in the drudgery of a 30 year loan term.

Most people set up their mortgage and to ‘pay and forget’ – but don’t forget – read Heidi Farrelly’s practical hints, tips and easy to understand advice and implement small changes to your every day spending today and save hundreds of thousands of dollars and years off your loan. She also has included sound advice on budgeting, stretching your dollars, how to cut out excess spending, housing affordability, loan graphs, how to find the best mortgage plus bonus work sheets to get you on your way. Seriously – do you want to own your own home sooner rather than later? Grab Mortgage Free now and get started. Highly recommended read for those who want to get ahead & become debt free fast.

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Author Bio: Heidi lives in sunny Sydney with her husband, daughter and dog Gonzo. She grew up in beautiful New Zealand, famous for ‘kiwi ingenuity’ and of course rugby! Growing up, Heidi’s family moved a lot and did not have a great deal of money- two things which have shaped the way she sees real estate and finance. She spent 2 1/2 years living in and wandering around England and Europe before settling in Australia. She loves hanging out with family, travelling, tasting new foods, and exploring everything life has to offer. ‘Mortgage Free’ is the first of what will be many books in her ‘how 2 without’ series.

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More about Mortgage Free: How to Pay Your Mortgage Off in Ten Years without Becoming a Drug Dealer

  • If your money goes out as fast as it comes in, if you’re a ‘high risk client’ or if you can’t imagine ever having ‘extra’ money to play around with, then you need to read this book! I was once where you are now and I still paid off my home before I was 36! Downloadable bonus materials are also included to ensure you reach your goals faster and easier than ever before.
  • MORTGAGE FREE doesn’t just tell you to pay more money onto your mortgage like every other book- it walks you through how to do this, as well as how to pay off a mortgage fast, even if you’re spending the same weekly amount you always have. It shows you how to change simple things, straight away, that make a massive difference to your loan term.
    What other book does that?MORTGAGE FREE gives you all the knowledge you need to:
    Write an awesome budget and learn how to make and save more money.
    Own your own home in under 10 years- without working more.
    Build a passive income and have more free money than ever before.
    Nail your retirement planning and create a life you love for yourself.

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