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Kindling II

  • Title: Kindling II – A Writer’s Edit Anthology
  • Editors: Helen Scheuerer, Kyra Bandte, Kelly Emmerton, Rory J. Cole
  • Proofreader: Claire Bradshaw
  • Designer: Alissa Dinallo
  • Authors: Alison Jean Lester, Alyssa Boorman, Amber Challingsworth, Beau Hillier, Benjamin Stevenson, Brandon Marlon, Brendan Macdonald, Carina Mancinone, Cecilia Harris, Daniel Murphy, Dzenana Vucic, Elaine Andres, Elise Lopez, Fikret Pajalic, Geraldine Pleitez, Jen Squire, Jessica Budin, Joel Mak, Kate Liston-Mills, Katherine O’Chee, Karen Morrow, Kristin Prescott, Kyla Bagnall, Laura Marshall, Lorin Reid, Michelle Brock, Rosalind Moran, Ruth Christopher, and Victoria Lee.

Description: Kindling Volume II is filled with stories and verse to resonate with the contemporary reader, as well as must-have knowledge to encourage the modern writer. This book includes over 30 deeply personal and inspiring works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and industry advice from Australian and international literary talent.

Review by Angela:

The long summer break over Christmas is the perfect time to read and there is never a shortage of material. Every time I walk into a book store, or visit an online E-Book seller, there is a bewildering assortment of reading material available, but often it’s easier to grab the bestseller or the award winner, after all there’s an investment involved in reading a book, both time and money. The consumption of best sellers often leaves an array of new talent unread. So how do all those up and coming writers get their voice heard? Literary publications. Whether online or print, magazine or journal, they give a platform for our future writers; and most of the world’s best known authors started this way.

Through the year I try to regularly read these gems. Apart from getting to know an author’s work before he gets published, I find they are perfect for those short snippets of time waiting for appointments or stuck in traffic. And for around the same cost, or less, as that best seller, I enjoy the work of a couple of dozen wonderful writers.

This year I discovered a new literary magazine, Writer’s Edit. An online publication that, for the second year, has offered an annual anthology of its best pieces.  Inside the covers of Kindling II found a dazzling array of Fiction, non-fiction and poetry; as well as priceless advice for aspiring writers, from those who have already trodden the boards. If you’ve tried to write the perfect query letter and then waited for a reply that never came, there is some sage advice here!

If writing isn’t your thing and you simply want to get lost in the words of fiction there is plenty on offer. ‘Friedrich’s Goat’, by Rosalind Moran; was one of my favourites, exploring regret and the need for redemption. Eric a WWII fighter pilot travels to Germany after ‘too many years’, to make peace with the family of a pilot he shot down and killed during the war. Inspired by actual events, this cleverly paced short story reflects a deep emotional connection to the characters and left me wanting more. The same themes were covered with a heavy dose of black humour, by Joel Mak as he takes a punt at mateship and sport in ‘Orbits’. Blending Australian-American expectation and misunderstanding, our ball holding hero thinks the new Aussie kid is the perfect buddy to help him get his street cred. Life takes a smear of regret when ‘Tatesy’ turns out to be more than just a weed smoking chick magnet.

A diverse offering of poetry is scattered through the pages. I was particularly drawn to ‘Leda and The Soldier’ by Elaine Andres. A beautifully combined ballad and elegy, where the forlorn soldier faces death and Leda is left to suffer her memories.

‘Let me thank you for your gun,

this lovely trinket that you’ve left me.

What beautiful marks it shall leave,

on the flesh I knew too dearly.’

A reminder, there are no winners in war, but there is often guilt. The question of guilt is what our camera toting tourist is left with in the prose of Michelle Brock.

You can’t trust these gypsies’ she proclaims in ‘Gypsies and Thieves’ but her complicity in the stolen image of that same gypsy leaves us questioning who really is the thief. A topical subject given our current love of social media and the need to document every moment with or without the permission of those around us.  The theme of society and practice is continued in the non-fiction piece ‘Little Efforts’. Where does our interaction with our fellow humans start and end? Jessica Budin reinforces that it may only be a half eaten lunch, but for someone that may mean a night without hunger. It’s the small actions of humanity, the “Little efforts, big difference, it seems.

Social: historical: fantastical: mysterious: writing is so much to so many. Each of the pieces in Kindling II offer something different. Not all will be to your liking, not all were to mine, but as Kristin Prescott reinforces in ‘The Quest For the Magic Book’; ‘books are not only the doorway to worlds we may never otherwise experience, but they are also often a lifeline for those of us looking for answers.’

Well worth reading.

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Based in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Writer’s Edit is a young online literary magazine created especially for writers and book lovers. Founded in July 2013, the Writer’s Edit concept evolved as Founding Editor, Helen, explored the literary gems of Europe. From Beatrix Potter’s Lake District to Dickens’ London; and from Franz Kafka’s Prague to Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, the idea that was Writer’s Edit, took on a life of its own.

First and foremost, our magazine is for writers. Designed as a place of comfort and support for those who are new to the industry as well as those who are old friends, we house everything from essays and writing prompts to author interviews and writing advice. Publishing three new articles every week (plus any current events), Writer’s Edit always stays on top of the latest industry news and opportunities.

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