I have some news that’s a little bit scary to reveal! For the past few months I’ve been writing a travel memoir and soon, very soon I will be publishing it. 

For people who know me, it won’t surprise them that the book involves two of my favourite things – dachshunds and travel.

Destination Dachshund: Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds

Destination Dachshund offers a unique twist on the travel memoir with an often hilarious dachshund-spotting competition at the heart of one family’s extraordinary journey through Turkey, Russia, the Baltics, Europe and the USA. With seemingly well-behaved in-laws in tow, the Fleetwood family embark on a trip of a lifetime just days after the tragic loss of their beloved dachshund Coco.

When two miniature dachshunds in smart winter coats are spotted in Moscow, it’s game on and a riotous search for the lovable, long-bodied pooch ensues across 15 countries.

This funny and heartfelt memoir will resonate with travel and dog lovers alike. Through the wonder of travel Lisa explores the bond of extended family, the abiding love we have for our pets and how we move on after losing loved ones, both human and hound and embrace the joy of right now.


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Self Publishing

I’ve decided not to go down the traditional path for publication, but the independent path. Yes, I’m self publishing! In many ways the travel memoir is a passion project, something that I’ve wanted to write for a couple of years. It’s a personal story and having trawled through Australian publishers trying to sell my children’s fantasy trilogy I didn’t fancy going down that path for a project that’s so close to my heart. My heart did not want to take the trampling I knew it would receive from traditional publishers.

My book is professionally edited, has a fabulous cover, (I am slightly biased) assisted by the amazing artist Sally Walsh over at Sillier than Sally Designs, and will be launched by me with the help of my wonderful launch team. And the best thing of all – I am in charge of the entire project – and I am loving it!

The self-publishing process has been a wonderful journey and I’ve learned so many things, but the single most important thing I’ve learned is how crucial the book launch is and I’ll be guided through every step of self-publishing my eBook, from the first word upon the page all the way through the publication and beyond by the Self Publishing School.

I’ll be blogging my self-publishing journey over the coming weeks so stay tuned! More to come!

Lisa :-)

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