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“Dachshund: A half-a-dog high and a dog-and-a-half long.” H.L. Mencken

Coinciding with the release of Destination Dachshund, it is timely that we share some interesting facts about the ever-so-slightly stubborn dachshund. Here are some informative little nuggets to brighten your day.

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Thou shalt be christened ‘Badger Dog’

The name Dachshund comes from the German ‘Dachs’, meaning badger and ‘hund’, meaning dog. In the post-war years, they were referred to as the Badger Dog rather than Dachshund, to disassociate the breed from its German origins.

There are 15 colour combinations to choose from

And you thought choosing your gelato flavour was hard….

Whilst the most popular colours are red, black and tan and dappled dachshunds, there are actually around 15 colours and 6 marking combinations.

Colours include: black and cream, black and tan, blue and cream, blue and tan, chocolate and cream, chocolate and tan, cream, fawn and cream, fawn and tan, red, wheaten, wild board, black, chocolate and fawn. Marking combinations include brindle, dapple, sable, brindle piebald, double piebald and piebald.

If, like me, you now have a craving for Chocolate Cream Pie, you can find a handy recipe here Chocolate Cream Pie

There are three types of coat

Unlike Lisa’s never-ending quest for the perfect jacket, the doxie comes in three different coats. There is the popular smooth coat, as well as longhaired and wire-haired.

Dachshunds come in three sizes (S, M, L)

The most popular size is the miniature dachshund, however, the standard is almost three times the size of a mini. In Germany, there is a size in between the miniature and the standard called kaninchen (that’s German for rabbit for those of you who did not pay attention in Year 8 German classes).

Back in the day, the mini at around 5kgs, hunted small vermin whilst the larger 14kg standard got the really awesome job of hunting the badger.

A Rose by any other Name

The dachshund has many nicknames including wiener dog, hot dog, sausage dog, dachsie, slinky, low rider, weenie dog and doxie. Choose your favourite, then add mustard.

They love their food

Dachshunds are greedy little beggars! They love their food, but do not have the stomach size to put away a McDonalds supersized meal. This breed is prone to obesity so, to maintain their sausage-like physique, food should be regulated and exercise is a must.

The smallest of hunters

The dachshund is the smallest in the hound group; however, they are tenacious and were bred not only to stalk prey, but to kill it. With a background of hunting and killing, it’s no surprise that today’s dachshund will go after absolutely anything. Don’t be surprised if those new dog toys you bought are attacked and dismembered.

Wiener Dog Races are an actual thing

Dachshund racing originated in Australia in the 1970s, where other breeds were also raced. Since dachshunds are not exactly built for speed, wiener races are a fun event with the winner being any participant that actually crosses the finish line. Wiener races are big in California with the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals held annually. Melbourne held its first Wiener Race in 2015.

They were the poster dog of the 1972 Olympics

The very first Olympic mascot in the history of the Olympic Games was Waldie, a dachshund, for the 1972 Munich Olympics. In addition, the Olympic marathon route was designed to be in the shape of a dachshund that year.

Currently sitting at 13th most popular breed on the American Kennel Club dog ranking, the dachshund is lovable, curious and feisty. They make wonderful pets and are very protective of their family and home. And, whilst they might be the smallest hound, they can certainly pack a punch.

Note to wildlife: Don’t mess with the dachshund!

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