I am changing things up a bit here at Welcome to my Library – I would love to be able to send blog posts to you all in a much nicer format – perhaps sometimes in a pretty newsletter style rather than a basic blog.

I am planning to share great free and discounted books, book reviews, literary news, travel stories, tales about women’s best friend, the dog – and for those interested in self-publishing and how to become an Amazon best-selling author – each month I will include hints and tips about how to make your publishing dreams a reality.

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Coming soon:

  • Sign up by June 30 & one lucky subscriber will win a FREE signed paperback copy of Destination Dachshund
  • A travel article of Roar & Snore, our sleep over at Sydney’s world renowned Taronga Zoo
  • Book reviews
  • Links to free and discounted books
  • So, You Want to be an Author: 1. Where to Begin.

♥Thanks people! Much appreciated!♥

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