STS_DD Ebook In between light and dark V5.2_mini_miniI am happy to share that the paperback version of Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir – Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds is now available at the following stores:

Order online at Megalong Bookshop now for delivery Australia wide! 

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‘A truly engaging read that is so much more than a travel memoir. Not only does Lisa take us on her 3 month trip of a life time- she also takes us into the heart of her family. While the Fleetwood’s travel through Europe, they must also navigate their own grief. Destination Dachshund is a remarkable book- filled with honesty and humour, and the sights, smells and sounds of amazing locations. It will make you want to hug the ones you love, then book a flight somewhere!’ — 5 stars, Sharyn, Springwood

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‘What a wonderfully captivating read! Destination Dachshund is a humorous, yet moving memoir of a three generational family’s journey through Europe and the USA. As the family deal with the grief of death, there are moments that tugged at the heartstrings as well as a whole load of hilarious anecdotes, a bit of history and of course, the dachshund spotting! This book is a well-paced read and the rich descriptions captured the sights, smells and flavours of Christmas time in the northern hemisphere. We learn of the trials and tribulations of travelling with extended family, yet there are lots of special moments that make this book so complete. Destination Dachshund will make you want to grab your family and hug them tight…if only to make sure they don’t spot a dachshund!’ — 5 stars, Melissa, Sydney 

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‘Destination Dachshund is a truly delightful read with many laugh out loud moments. And it isn’t just a book about travel – even though the extraordinary array of travel experiences captured between the pages is epic. The author unpacks with warmth and humour the intricacies of family relationships, our love of pets, and the joys of travelling with dodgy-kneed grandparents. And then there’s the hilarious dachshund spotting competition. I now find myself scanning walkways and parks for these spunky little dogs.’ — 5 stars, Vanessa, Sydney

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‘As a traveler, animal lover, mom, journalist, and voracious reader DESTINATION DACHSHUND really captivated my interest. Lisa’s accounts of her family’s travels, experiences, interactions, and feelings were all relatable. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, we as readers were introduced to all the family dynamics and the places traveled with a very descriptive, relatable writing style. Recommend the book to all who travel or who just like to read of travels.’ — 5 stars, Terri from San Diego

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‘This was a fabulous read with so much to enjoy – a travel journal with real heart. Including luscious descriptions of some of the more off-the-beaten track destinations in Europe, the atmosphere of European winter was beautifully described, and so vivid that I was constantly adding places to my bucket list of European destinations I’d love to visit! At its heart, this story was about so much more than just the travel. With three generations of personalities travelling the globe and a heartfelt family reunion at its conclusion, this book was about family (the human and furry kind!) with reflections on love, life and loss, all deftly interwoven into the narrative.’ — 5 stars, highfantasyaddict, Sydney

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‘Lisa has such an engaging way of writing that just pulls you in. It’s hard to stop reading. Tag along for a family world trip without having to pack any pesky luggage, talk about Life Lessons, and enjoy the funny Dachshund-finding competition that has you cheering on. Lisa’s words will warm your heart, make you laugh, and have you nodding in agreement when it comes to losses & joys in our lives, especially the pet-lovers in all of us. You can’t go wrong in buying this book. This is what book reading is all about — an armchair adventure, laughs, joy, and wisdom.’ — 5 stars, D Cherry, USA


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