WLM BannerA few months ago I came across a fantastic Facebook group called We Love Memoirs and this Sunday 11th September they will be featuring Destination Dachshund Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds on their Sunday Spotlight and live interview!

We Love Memoirs: A place for readers and authors to discuss free, discounted and just plain excellent memoirs. 

Do you love reading memoir and love receiving news about free or discounted ebooks. Become a member of the group HERE and join my live interview on Sunday! I’d love to see you there!!

I’ll be answering questions, sharing pictures, a deleted scene from the book, and more! And, two people will win a free download of Destination Dachshund.

Meet me at We Love Memoirs from 11am on Sunday 11th September.

Don’t forget to join the group We Love Memoirs  :-)

Lisa ♥

STS_DD Ebook In between light and dark V5.2_mini

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