I have just returned from the Mythic Retreat with author, Kate Forsyth, at Springfield Farm in the magical Southern Highlands of NSW.

Life at Springfield is a 20 acre estate that offers signature curated retreats and a ‘space to pause, rest, and restore’ as well as ‘nourish the body and mind, reconnect to nature and rediscover the joy of the creative process’.

With the magical knowledge of Kate Forsyth, we delved deeply into the sacred meaning behind myth and fairytale, the shadow stories that lie beneath, and the veiled wisdom hidden within metaphor, symbols and motifs.

We explored the significance of wounding, recovery, transformation and redemption in storytelling as well as in our own lives.

We learned how stories evolved through the ages from the myths of ancient civilisations to today – and how they are still relevant. We discussed the wonder and form of the divine feminine and goddess theory from ages past.

We connected with our creativity in so many ways; we learned the pleasure of poetry and the rhythm and pattern of the sounds of words. We learned of wild writing and drawing, the feelings of joy and peace when connecting to our creativity while surrounded by like-minded women, we learned of surrendering to creative energy and to simply follow where it leads us.

We foraged for soil and stones, feathers and flowers and branches of moss covered Birch and flowering Elder. We planted the seeds of our souls, we connected with our inner child and inner goddess. We walked the winding path of the labyrinth and asked for guidance. We filled our artistic wells with magic and wonder. We danced around fire with open hearts under the full moon.

It was a wonderful gathering of women, warm fire light, farm-to-table meals, some champagne (of course), and evenings of storytelling, knitting, crocheting, embroidery and weaving, laughter, dancing, and sharing our creative thoughts, ideas, and personal stories. It was a truly magical week.

What are the rules of creativity? There are none and if you try to impose any rules of creative expression on Kate Forsyth she will break them, with glee.

❤️Thank you to Kate Forsyth for her wisdom and guidance, her beautiful hugs and for the mythic knowledge she shared with us.

🌿Kinchem, the Director at Springfield, wished for us all to return home from the Mythic Retreat with a full heart, a nourished body and creative soul. I can confirm that I feel all of this and more.
Thank you to Kinchem, Shannon & Farmer Pete for nurturing us during our stay.
Please visit the Life at Springfield website for information on upcoming retreats and more about what they offer from their magical haven.

🌕We were guided on our dance under the full moon through the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) by Caitlin Wood from Dancing Freedom. Please see her Facebook page for information about her weekly classes and online events.