Illuminations by Lisa Fleetwood: Children’s Fantasy Fiction

Aurora 2Did you know there is a vanishing island in the Southern Ocean?

Mysterious Emerald Island is concealed from the world by the swirling colours of the Illuminations, the southern aurora. Fourteen year old Alex Greyson lives there, and the Number 1 thing on his Master List is to find a cure for his dad before the creeping black rash kills him.

Recurring dreams reveal darkness hovering over his dad and Alex can’t quite shake the feeling that he let the darkness in, that he did something wrong. Can he right the wrong before he loses his dad forever? He ponders over decisions to make sure he never makes a mistake again.

Alex summons the Illuminations from the sky and they transform into a dragon called Stream who flies him to the world of Aurora where he saves his dad’s spirit from a sinister Gargoyle and performs the ancestral task of renewing the bonds on the prison of Sharkan the Devourer, the ancient enemy of Aurora. But, the renewal fails and Sharkan escapes with Stream and leashes the luminous dragon in the hidden Island of Neverance, and as the dragon is the only way home to Emerald Island it leaves Alex stranded in Aurora and unable to cure his dad.

Alex embarks on a perilous quest to the Island of Neverance and unleash Stream before the light of his dad’s spirit fades. He learns to Catch and Cast magic from Stream’s River and becomes the caretaker of two enchanted talismans and a miniature furry doppelgänger. He also falls in love with Amily, the girl he may never see again.

The fate of his dad’s life and the dragon he’s come to love rests on a terrible choice. Can Alex abandon his life of hesitations and second-guessing and learn to trust his instinct?

But what if there was no right choice?

One will unleash Sharkan and his spirit-stealing Gargoyles, the other will leave Alex trapped in Aurora forever and unable to save his dad or find the treasure Stream has hidden under Emerald Island – which will reveal Alex’s true fate.

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